Creating Comforting Memories

Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys – see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

John's Story

John BeforeJohn AfterOne of the happiest people we have met, Jack came in to see us about getting a new denture. His top denture fit well but the teeth were all broken on it. However he did not like his lower denture. It was loose and slid all over the place.

It is not uncommon to have these and other difficulties with lower dentures. Jack decided to go with having implants on the bottom to help hold his bottom denture in place.

We worked with an oral surgeon to place the implants. Then we made him a new upper denture and a lower denture that would clip into place. The new dentures have been staying in place and allowing Jack to eat much easier.

Jane's Story

Jane BeforeJane AfterJane is a wonderful patient who came to our office after breaking two of her front teeth which were currently replaced by a denture. She wanted to improve the overall function and appearance of her teeth as well as replace the broken and other missing teeth with implants.

First we planned out and designed what we wanted for our final outcome. Jane wanted to take her treatment in steps to fit her budget. We first replaced the missing teeth in the front with implants. Then we replaced several crowns. There are still have a few more steps to take and we are both looking forward to seeing our final result.

Karen's Story

Karen BeforeKaren AfterKaren came to our office as a bride to be. Her wedding was now scheduled and she had always wanted to improve the look of her front teeth. We reviewed the options available for her and she decided on veneering five of her front six teeth.

For Karen to be able to tell if the new smile was something she would like we first made a wax template of the planned veneers. After reviewing the template of some teeth with a softer look Karen decided on having more of a bold look. We made the adjustments then used temporaries on her teeth to see if she liked how it looked in her mouth.

Since Karen was happy with the look we began the treatment. Soon she had her new teeth with time to spare before the wedding.

Tiffany's Story

Tiffany AfterTiffany came in to see us for a second opinion. Tiffany had just spent the last few years in the hospital supporting a loved one. The time and focus she had spent on someone else had led to her neglecting her mouth. We see this all too often.

At her initial visit she had cavities on most of her teeth, some broken teeth, some missing teeth and infected gums. We talked with her and went over what we had found. After discussing options to treat her mouth she decided to invest in a treatment option that fit her life.

We first treated her gum disease which helped her gums stop bleeding and made her mouth feel more comfortable. We then took care of the cavities and broken teeth with filling and crowns. Finally we replaced Tiffany’s missing teeth. It was moving to see Tiffany start to smiling again when her mouth was healthy.