Creating Comforting Memories

Meet Dr. Paul Leatham

Dr. Leatham and Family

Personal Life

I’m a native of Logandale, NV, and now live in Tucson with my wife, Katey, my two sons, Jack and Scott as well as our dog Wink. Being with my family is my priority when I’m away from work. I especially love cooking for them. In fact, I think Katey married me because of my cooking skills!

I also love music and I play the piano and guitar. I used to enjoy drawing and have tried painting, but really wasn’t so good with the painting. Sports are some of my other hobbies, especially playing basketball and tennis.

On Being a Dentist

Dentistry has done a lot for me personally.  I naturally have very small teeth and a very big mouth.  Growing up I was embarrassed to smile and avoided laughing because my teeth.  My family Dentist helped to give me a smile that fit my mouth and after that I gained a great amount of confidence which I had been missing before.  

I hear many people talk about having the same feelings I had when I was younger.  I look forward to helping them gain the confidence to be happy to smile instead of being afraid or embarrassed.   When a patient feels better about the health and appearance of their teeth, they’re happier and more outgoing, and they smile a lot more often. Those smiles are my reward.

I love improving the appearance and function of peoples’ mouths. In the past, people may have been just patching things up and waiting to see how long their teeth would last. But when they come to me, I help them see I can give them better teeth and healthier gums than they thought were possible.

People are more than tooth patients and dentists are more than tooth doctors. People have physical and emotional needs beyond their teeth that their dentist should make part of a patient’s care plan. As a dentist, I’m able to assist in improving a patient’s total health via their oral health.

Being a dentist means forming relationships with people. I love how each person I care for is unique, and find it exciting to learn about their life and interests. For me, a patient is never a name on a chart or a mouth in the chair: they are a wonderful individual whom I like and respect.

Education and Commitment to Continuing Education

Each year I actively seek out the top continuing education courses. Doing so ensures I remain current on developments in the field, so I am able to provide my patients with the strongest, most up-to-date care and treatment options possible. I keep my clinical skills fresh through Spear Education where I am a faculty club member.  My office learns the best aspects of customer care from the Pride Institute. I also attend many meetings, lectures, seminars, and read the latest research findings.

In the Community

I have volunteered at Hope Fest and at Saint Elizabeth’s Dental Clinic here in Tucson. I’ve also done a dental service trip to Tonga and would love to return there, as well as perform service trips to other parts of the world.

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